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TDS 737-700: black part pierces through fuselage?


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Hey guys,


does anyone of you have an explanation for this?


Downloaded this package without any modification. Why is there something black piercing through the fuselage (only fully visible from the back of the aircraft)???



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This is the FS2004 Lufthansa texture on the FS2004 TDS 737-700 Base package aircraft. The texture is for the Model B version. I did not find a complete aircraft download with this texture. Did you try putting this texture with a different TDS 737-700 model?



Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Yes, I did add the Base Package Fix. Maybe that is an issue regarding operating the aircraft within FSX instead of FS 2004?



Also put the same livery on the winglet model, same thing. It is not about the livery, it has to be either the model or the FSX itself...

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Things better learn for FSX as a basic is.

When FSX can't recognize the file format or can't find the texture

(returns error code to a FSX side)

FSX makes the texture black and also if the parts has a animation ,

FSX moves the parts to position 0,0,0 of the model with axis resetted.

This is a very famous action FSX do.


At this case .. has to imagine from the shape but may be the Ground Support's texture is missing at the paint?

Just compare with the one which is working and find out what is missing.

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At FSX must use FSX model (MDL file name starts from TDSX)

At FS2004 must use FS2004 model. (MDL file name starts from TDS)


Reason is FSX is not a full upper compatible software of FS2004.

FS2004 self illumination parts won't illuminate at FSX so at FSX , needs a FSX model.

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