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Projet Noratlas missing gauges and fx


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Aircraft Configuration Report for 'Nord ALL'

- The aircraft's model configuration file does not exist. The file 'F:\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\Nord Noratlas\Model.105\Model.cfg' was not found.

- One or more effects files specified in the aircraft configuration file are missing:


Use Repair to attempt to fix aircraft issues.


Panel Configuration Report for 'Airplanes\Nord Noratlas\Panel\'

- One or more gauges specified in the panel configuration file are missing:

GaugeDeControle!Gauge_de_Controle - Copie

Use Repair to attempt to fix panel issues.


Thanks for looking

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I downloaded the FS2004 Noratlas 105 from this site: nor105_1.zip, nor105_2.zip, nordpnl1.zip and nordpnl2.zip.


I don't have a model.105 folder, only a model folder, which includes a model.cfg file.


There is no mention of GaugeDeControle in the panel.cfg file.


The contrail effect listed in the aircraft.cfg file is fx_dc3_contrail, not fx_nord_contrail.fx.


If you downloaded other files, you would need to be more specific about that.


Hope this helps,

Tom Gibson


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From the FSX Projet_Noratlas_Base_Pack It does call for fx_nord_contrail.fx, which I don't see in the effects folder for that base pack. I do, however, see the model.cfg in the 105 model folder. I will do a search for the contrail effect. UPDATE: No such contrail effect file exists anywhere. You will have to substitute another contrail effect in your aircraft.cfg.



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