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Windows 10 and FSX


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Great work by all of you! I was hoping you'd continue the X slog. I hope you're all providing all this feedback to Microsoft as well!


7 is still working great on my machine. So I'll stay with it. When I build another box, I'll probably try X. So I hope you and Microsoft will have it debugged by then!

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Well MS released an update for Win10 last week and the performance in FSX now is outstanding. I have the game on "unlimited" frame rate and no frame rate limiter and it runs like a champ. Zero issues with textures, and super crisp visuals at all times. My OrbX content has never looked better. Even on win7 it wasn't as good as it is now at loading textures, so its a major improvement across the board.


Still some performance issues at airports, but nothing major. Its still in the 30+fps range.

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