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Departure and arrival shots for a USAF E-3 "Sentry" AWACS on a flight from Joint Base Lewis-McChord (KTCM) near Seattle, Washington up to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richarson (PAED) outside Anchorage, Alaska.


Taxi out past C-17s on the line.



Lineup, takeoff, and climb out into overcast skies.







Above the clouds making a climbing left 180-degree turn to on course with Mount Rainier in the background.







Turning on the approach for PAED runway 16.  The Approach Plate from Navigraph Charts shows the RW approach.





On the approach. PAED reported RW weather 300 scattered, 1600 broken, 4000 overcast, rain and mist, wind calm.



Short final, rollout, taxi off the active.  Welcome to Alaska!






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As always Bill. nicely done.

Good to see large military aircraft getting an artistic nod.

Always Aviate, then Navigate, then Communicate. And never be low on Fuel, Altitude, Airspeed, or Ideas.

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3 minutes ago, PhrogPhlyer said:

As always Bill. nicely done.

Good to see large military aircraft getting an artistic nod.

Thanks Phrog.  I'd like to see some of the older legacy large airliners like B707s and DC-8s show up in MSFS.

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