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default buildings popping up in Payware Scenery


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Hi All,

Hope all is well. I have random buildings popping up in payware scenery that shouldnt be. Ill show a few examples

Newark Airport---Imaginesim

CLT airport---Imaginesim


Anyway I can correct these so these buildings dont overlap with the payware scenery? Not too long ago I did recently install a bunch of buildings for the new SFO scenery, perhaps this is what caused it?


I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the scenery, but no luck


Let me know if anyone has an idea




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It's been a long time since I had to mess with this, but I think a rearrangement in your scenery library might help. In SETTINGS click on Scenery Library and take a look at the priority of your scenery, perhaps moving it up or down (depends on where they installed it) to see if things improve.


Chances are others will drop by with more accurate info, but this is something to check out.



Larry N.

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First, check you scenery.cfg file and locate Imagine Sim's KEWR entry and check that it contains the exclude switch:  Exclude=N40 42.50, W74 09.27, N40 40.26, W74 11.58, objects.  If not, place this under the listing and check to see if this eliminates the default buildings.  

If they still exist then use Airport Design Editor and place an exclude rectangle over the area where the buildings are.  Also, make sure there is not duplicate AFCADs for the airport.  That should eliminate it.

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That worked for EWR, but they're still showing at CLT. I used the same exact line to put in the CFG file

Exclude=N40 42.50, W74 09.27, N40 40.26, W74 11.58, objects


Is that accurate cordinates for CLT as well? How would I find this?


None of the exclude stuff were present in any of the entries for addon sceneries


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needed to add more info
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Sorry, I overlooked KCLT in your message.  The exclude switch I gave is only  for KEWR. These were  only used in early sceneries. Later sceneries included exclude files within the scenery folder.  

In your case for KCLT,  I recommend using ADE9 (Airport Design Editor for FS9) to put an exclude rectangle over the terminal area. This does the same thing as exclude files or switches.  There are also  several exclude programs in the scenery library that will also generate excludes....some create files and others create switches but ADE is the easiest imo, to use.

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40 minutes ago, acela2036 said:

How would I find this?

There are many places online to find Lat/Long, Google Earth, any of the maps, etc.

Within FS you can find Lat/Long using the map, moving your aircraft to the corners of the visual area (using slew).

I'm sure there are easier ways, but these are the first that popped into my head.

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This issue often arises when the AFD file has been edited with AFCAD2. If that's the case, reinstate the original file and see if that resolves the problem. If it does, use ADE or AFX to edit AFD files in future and dump AFCAD2, permanently.

It is very rare for commercial scenery to be released with errors such as those described. If this has been the case, a fix will almost certainly be available. The place to ask for that is the developer's support, not here. You should not be paying for an add-on and then having to faff around as described above!




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