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Here are some randoms of a Hawaiian Airlines MD-80 on the short inter-island flight from Honolulu International (PHNL) on Oahu down to Hilo (PHTO) on the Big Island.  With a low-pressure area nearby it's not the usual sunny Hawaiian day.


Ready for takeoff on Runway 8L.  USAF C-5s and KC-135s are visible in the background on the ramp at adjoining Hickam AB.







Climbing out over the office buildings and hotels in downtown Honolulu and along Waikiki Beach.  Diamond Head is visible in the second shot.  Don't tell John Kerry and Al Gore about those nasty brown exhaust trails. 😁





About to level off for the short cruise segment.



On final to Hilo.  For extra credit:  What's wrong with these pictures? 😰😨




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Wow, in the 5th pic you can see the Ala Moana park. Great detail, and also for a really great bird/paint scheme.

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