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Day and evening of fun in the desert with free beer and food


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Everyone here at the forum is welcome. There is a great little beer joint up the road that has great music, food and music.


Christopher Tarana45, come join us.
















couple of tunes for ya to match the theme. :)



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Blue lights flashing in my rearview

The sheriff said boy I should have known it was you

You got 14 people in the back of this truck

I warned you twice and now I'm writing you up

I said officer what have I done

He smiled and said boy you're having too much fun


- Lyrics to the song "Too Much Fun"


Pretty much seems to be what's going on here Adam ;) Awesome series! :cool::cool::cool:

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Great set of shots, special effects and some swell tunes Adam! :cool: :cool: :eek: Made me want to drive out to the west mesa tonight after dark and start a fire, turn on the boombox and drink some beer. The wife said she didn't wanna go - bummer. :D


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