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Error: Could not make connection to flight mysql server.


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Hello all, Not sure really what happened but after some maintenance yesterday and reboot on of the download servers did not come back proper this has been resolved.. So sorry for all the troubles.


Tested and things are working again,,



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I saw this thread when I came to the forum to ask about an FTP connection problem and I see that it was a problem for others a week ago. At least this tells me that the problem isn't on my end.


After most of this year without a real confutor, my new-build rig is at the point where I'm starting to load and set up software. Today I put in Filezilla and it couldn't connect with Flightsim using the information on the Uploads page. I had no trouble connecting with two other FTP sites.


Since there hasn't been a post in this thread for over a week, I thought I should post this just in case anyone doesn't know that the problem continues, though I suppose that's already known and that it's being worked on.

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OK, here's a head-scratcher for ya'


I thought I'd try making an FTP connection to see if it was working yet, and when I highlighted ftp.flightsim.com to copy it and paste into the quick connection host window in Filezilla my context menu offered to open the link. Out of curiosity I clicked yes and I was welcomed to the Official Boston Area MG Club Website. Weird, huh? Curious indeed!


I'm posting this for a chuckle, but also in the hope that it might offer a clue to whoever is trying to fix the problem.

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I had no idea that downloading via FTP was even possible. I thought it was just for uploading. Now I see why there are comments that the problem was fixed.


But all is not well, as it’s still not possible to upload via FTP, because it’s not possible to set up a connection. That might be because the Flightsim FTP address somehow leads to a completely unrelated site.


Maybe that’s a clue to why FTP uploads remain impossible. It might also be a clue that the problem is not with Flightsim but with the web hosting service. Either way, I hope someone will get it fixed.

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