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I know it's probably on here but could find it. I have the new MSFS installed and its doing the updates right now. Been at it for 2 days. It's taking forever to get all of it. Yes my internet is slow but this is foolish. Is there not a way before it does the updating to pick which areas I want to have updated. So far it's downloading all these different cities etc in areas I'm not interested in. Surely there must be a way to get into the sim to decide all of this. The way it's going it'll be a week before I can use this thing. What keys does a guy push to do this. Also Where would I find a tutorial for the sim as far as downloading etc. I know I saw it a few months ago but can't find it now. Hope someone can help out on this. Want to get this up and running to see how my new machine and monitor handle it all.
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The updates aren't optional, but once they're installed you can delete them again if you wish.

The SoFly MSFS manual is available in the Store here: https://store.flightsim.com/product/sofly-a-guide-to-flight-simulator-msfs-2020/

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