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Wing views question


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Got most of my flyable aircraft set to see the wing views using the Shift/numerical pad (example left wing Shift/4, right Shift/6) and so on.

I am familiar how to set these views in the panel.cfg (how to move forward, back, up, down, tilt)

BUT, for some reason some aircraft just do not show the wings? No matter how the view is set in its panel.cfg.

Is there any settings anyplace, which would enable the wings to be seen?



Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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there is another way to do this completely. aircraft like the Ifly 737 and 747 do not have wing views in the VC or 2D panel. however, using FSRecorder, you can set spot views to any part of the aircraft you like, interior or exterior. this allows me to set wingviews in spot view and cycle through them. hope this helps.
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