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  1. Howdy all, PMDG just released a great 5 minute video showing off some of the features of the brand new 737 seems like i'll be needing to get my wallet ready.
  2. So I have used both the alpha and Bravo in FS2004, and with a bit of finesse you can get them working fine for the most part. you can get all 6 axis working by assigning the 4 throttles, flaps axis and speedbrake axis. set the reverser switches to the reverse thrust and so on and so forth. the limitations are that you won't have working LED's, the switch panel won't work, and some of the autopilot won't work. The good news is that the major functionality required can be built through FSUIPC. the trim wheel is not an axis but rather assigned by two buttons, and the gear lever is button controlled as well. the Yoke is a bit easier to assign and you shouldn't have any issues. I used the bravo successfully with the PMDG747/MD-11, Ifly 737/747, CS757, Feelthere ERJ 135 through 195, and LVLD767. while not as polished as say P3D or X-Plane, it can certainly be set up and flyable. just takes a bit of finesse.
  3. I tried to reboot and it didn't work. I ended up having to completely uninstall the Xbox app, log out of and back into Microsoft store, reinstall the Xbox app and then it worked. No clue why that did it but I won't question it if it works
  4. Hello all. I updated MSFS today and all was well. It made it to the menu and I could fly etc. now I come back to it this evening and start the simulator. To my surprise it gives me a message, saying there is a mandatory update available and I have to update my sim. well that's odd. I installed the update which I thought had already been done hours before and start the sim. Again I receive the same message. a couple more rounds of this and I decide to check my community folder. Well sure enough all the sim's files are gone. only 8gb remain of the previous 190gb install, fresh from a reinstall the last update forced me to do. so I go to add or remove programs and fully uninstall the sim to reinstall it. Done. Back to the Microsoft Store and it says "UPDATE AVAILABLE" it still thinks it's installed on the laptop. so I am stuck in this endless loop with no ability to reinstall the simulator, because every time it starts, it tells me there is an update, and after I install said update, it tells me to install the same dang update. See my headache? I left MSFS and jumped to X-Plane 11 over a month ago for this exact reason. I want to fly my flight simulator, not screw around with a half baked self uninstalling buggy mess MSFS is at the moment. That said I would like to get it reinstalled just to have and test here and there to see if it becomes flyable, but I need help getting it to even install itself. thanks. Disclaimer: I did not participate in the beta so that shouldn't be the issue.
  5. I went to update MSFS and did everything as I should, including moving my addons out of the community folder. the issue started in the Microsoft store when the update hung at 245mb for over 30 minutes. I decided to hit cancel install and restart the PC to try again, when I noticed that I suddenly had almost 200 extra GB of free space. a quick browse through the files confirmed that the Microsoft store just deleted my entire MSFS install... Absolutely lovely.
  6. this is to say that unless you have the CRJ 550-700 that is a big "DONT BUY ME". once you log in and it shows you own the original you get the 20.00 pricetag
  7. I have the Microsoft store version. As for the best route, itll take me at least 12hrs to completely reinstall the sim. I may however have no other choice. won't know till I go home and test around with it. I managed to migrate the sim once, however it was much smaller and not as many updates.
  8. Hello all, I am currently in Tech School with the USAF and left my home with MSFS on a 256gb SSD and 30gbs of free space left on the drive. I am looking to upgrade it to a 2tb m.2 SSD for when I go home for Christmas exodus as I won't be able to update the sim otherwise. My question is this, Can I migrate the sim to the new drive using the add or remove programs feature, or would it be better to simply uninstall the entire sim and reinstall overnight on the new drive? if that turns to be the case, will my joystick configurations be saved or will I need to recreate them? I'll only have my full simulator for just under 2 weeks and i'd like to fly the wings off it in that time and make up for 5 months no simulator, so the less of a pain I can make this the better. any help is appreciated. Thanks! Josh
  9. hahahahahahaha welcome to the C152. that 1600lb gross weight sneaks up on ya pretty quickly :D I got my Private in a 150 (152 with 10 less hp) and with one of the CFI's I flew with I could only take 13 gallons of fuel. about an hrs worth plus reserves. got checked out in the 172 shortly after with a MTOW of 2400lbs and now fly the 172S with G1000 which have the 180hp lycoming and a MTOW of 2550lbs. goes a bit further but is still a "3 person plus bags" airplane if you want to travel anywhere.
  10. I remember there being this issue. I think in my case it had to do with Flightzone 02 portland messing with the water and turning it into squares.
  11. I don't have time or patience to learn blender otherwise I would. On top of that I could never reach the level of Detail FlyTampa is able to achieve. I will wait and just pay them my dollars and save myself the time. maybe I'll try to fix up my home airfield by myself.
  12. Not only That, but Boston and Tampa as well. FlyTampa would be perfect for this...
  13. i've currently got over 150hrs in 172s, having flown the L model, N model, R model, and now the G1000 equipped S models. I've also flown the A2A C172 for P3D, the default X-Plane 11 172, and the MSFS 172. I can tell you the short answer that all 3 fly very well. X-Plane handles the flare better but absolutely butchers power changes when you add flaps. MSFS does a much better job at that and same with the A2A. the MSFS and A2A would be a close comparison for Stalls, and MSFS takes the cake in the Spin category. the G1000 systems of X-Plane vs MSFS are not even a comparison, though the G1000nxi from Working Title should put MSFS in the lead if it's done to every detail. in terms of what hardware I fly with, all 3 were flown with the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo. in the real airplane in the flare, I am almost always using the full elevator. X-Plane replicates this quite well though the ground effect isn't as pronounced. MSFS is a bit too sensitive on the controls and needs a bit of work. A2A is held back by the old and "on the rails" FSX flight model but still does very well. now for some, unless you've flown a lot of different 172s, you cannot base your opinion off of just 1 airplane. the L model I sometimes fly is very light on the controls. and going from the S model to the L is like going from a 172 to a 150 in terms of force needed to move the controls. I myself prefer the heavier S model controls as I can make smoother inputs in IMC. In Conclusion, No sim is "Miles better" than the other. MSFS will certainly improve over time, and X-Plane will need to play some serious catch up. P3D, I have no clue what they will do. LM seems to beat to their own drum and will do whatever they feel like. Every simmer will imagine how a real airplane should feel and base their opinion off that. Every real pilot will try and glorify their favorite sim to say woah is theirs and everything else is worse. I'm sure other RW pilots here will voice their opinions as well.
  14. I think MSFS has the best representation of waves and water of any sim by far, DCS would be 2nd. From all the times I've flown over water in real life, I don't think its all that off. sure maybe a bit less wind to make it choppy would be nice, but it's really close I think. some complained that they can't see cloud reflections in certain scenarios. In all reality, the only time I EVER see the clouds reflecting off water in real life is in perfectly glass water. below is a photo from when we flew through yellowstone to KWYS on the last leg of the day from Ohio. you can easily see where the wind is a lot stronger and where the water is being stirred up. I've only ever seen this in MSFS, no other sim.
  15. I found the first bug as well. Shift+Z does not do anything anymore for me. I can't see my FPS or RAM Usage. time to do some testing with EA and see if it crashes my sim still.
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