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Running without internet

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Three days ago we got hit by a typhoon, which knocked out my internet.

I wanted to see if msfs2200 would still run. I ran it, and it said "no internet

detected do you want to run in offline mode?". I said yes and I ran it.

I still wanted to get the bing scenery, so I flew from the same airport i

Had flown the day before. I thought the rolling cache would have the

Bing scenery. But it didn't have the good scenery, only the fsx type scenery.

I checked my settings, and the rolling cache was set to 0. I don't know how it

Got like that, maybe because I was offline.

Today still no Internet. I flew from an area that I had previously saved a

manual cache. I checked the settings, and it was still there. But when I flew,

still no bing scenery.


So what's the point of the cache? My wife lives where there is no Internet,

and I was hoping to take my laptop there, and have bing scenery, but it

Doesn't seem to work that way.

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Our internet went down last month, the whole town was offline for 4 hours but we were offline for 6 days (our ISP has now compensated us). MSFS did launch in offline mode on the first day of the outage, but having shut down the PC that night and rebooted the following day, MSFS wouldn't launch at all. It seems that if connection is lost while MSFS is running then offline mode will kick in, but if there's no online connection during the current session then MSFS can't launch at all.

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I vote this a pinned subject.


Asobo said would run offline, they didn't say you must attempt online first and if THEY can't provide a connection, THEN it will work offline. This is just as bad as GTA5, always needing a connection.


I feel misled, somebody (cough, Asobo, cough, Microsoft) needs a stern letter from a attorney by several plaintiffs.

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