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Tenkuu Delveopers Studio panels Models not showing.

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Hey Guys.

I've downloaded a few TDS aircraft lately, I have noticed the following message when attempting to fly the aircraft.


The visual model could not be displayed

Boeing 787-8 Zipair panel1

Tenkuudeveopers studio.


The panel won't show in Cockpit mode nor, would the aircraft display in spot mode.



FSX/P3D Boeing 787-9 ZIPAIR package with native B787 cockpit

Zip file preview

79.23Mb (375 downloads)

FSX/P3D Boeing 787-9 ZIPAIR package with native B787 cockpit. ZIPAIR is a Japanese low-cost airline and a division of JAL. Based at Tokyo Narita Airport, ZIPAIR currently has 2 Boeing 787-8, flying to destinations around Asia as well as Hawaii. The high-quality Boeing 787-8 from TDS. The VC is the comprehensive Bender Erik adaption of the Asobo MSFS 2020 Boeing 787 cockpit. TDS high spec. native FSX Boeing 787-8 model. See the Document folder to get the best out of the VC. Textured, assembled, and tested in P3Dv5 by Chris Evans. Should also work in earlier P3D & FSX.


What can be going on here?

Seems like many of the aircraft from TDS are having this problem.

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Googling "FSX/P3D Boeing 787-9 ZIPAIR package with native B787 cockpit" lead me to SimViation.


The package is for both FSX/P3D, but obviously not tested in FSX and therefore buggy.


To get the FSX-version working:


In the model folder:

1. Rename model.cfg to model_P3D.cfg

2. Rename model FSX.cfg to model.cfg

3. Edit the new model.cfg. Change normal=TDSX789GENX to normal=TDSX788GENX. Save the file.


The included exterior model with the download is a 787-8, therefore the title of the package is wrong as well.



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Okay made the changes you suggested, however, the panel in cockpit view still won't show.

Where the panel would be is all black, the aircraft in spot view is showing now.

Oh, the virtual cockpit is also showing now as well, can't seem to get that panel view up.


Zipair flying out of Japans Narita Airport...RJAA.

That is a very nice aircraft the sound pak is outstanding, the texture seems to be smooth as well.

Download this aircraft and if you get the panel working let me know.



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That is the matter " cockpit" lead me to SimViation."


This was originally uploaded to Rikoooo and the package there installer choosed which file to install.

But someone uploaded to simvation without minding.


Go to Rikoooo for the correct install.

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Are you referring to the 2D "panel" not showing? Show what you have for panel.cfg.


From the Rikooo download: Note that there is no 2D panel. But, you can fly without any problem in virtual cockpit mode because I integrated pop-up windows for the fundamental avionics.

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Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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