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Project Opensky Aircraft (models and dynamics) Report:


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I hate to go off on people, and let us say that all of us have been here when you find a plane that is totally NOOB and inadequate for the purpose of flight simulation 8,9,and 10... Where everything is WRONG and totally is NOT real to a flyable model. It just sits and looks pretty and that's about it.


Here are issues that need to be addressed and i have fixed already... (I will and can give any texture fixes out to the general public. if you need them)


But we all as enthusiasts and consumers of downloads on this site, AVSIM, Simviation and Rikoo, need to kick the id-10-ts of Project Sky in the ass and make them fix their noob mistakes, instead of making someone delve 4 hours to locate and find their mistake, then figure a solution that will work.


Problem children which were corrected. (note the number of aircraft)


737-700 (textures for wings are flipped and all lighting has been flipped for this bird for wings and fuse and tail) making it look like utter noob crap... you cannot reflip them in fsrepaint and cannot read them in PSP or Photoshop... they will not save, as they are locked "READ" Only...


737-800 (Textures for wing lighting and the fuselage are flipped) files are permanently locked "Read Only" and cannot be flipped.



A-318/319/20/21 AirBuses (SCARE-BUS!)


These four aircraft have insufficent, inaccurate and totally unrealistic flight dynamics. And bad textures with the same issues as 737s...


(all had insufficient power, all had insufficient model specifications - Wing, Model, Chord,)

They would taxi fine and look right.. but they take off and were unable to climb, if you turn 5 degrees they fall out of the friking sky.


I have delved several month in the remodeling of these birds, with simple solutions right down to a total rework... which should NOT be necessary if you noobs didn't catch this from the get-go...


Project sky: If you cannot make a bird that is realistic, and take the time to fix the issues and TEST them for accuracy or even the simplest texture issues... then my advice to you is to NOT DO THEM AT ALL....




You are very lucky to have a person who has spent 20+ years in the simulation programs to fix your problems.. not so much for open sky but his fellow enthusiasts who wish to fly quality aircraft which these clearly ARE NOT...


***** Anyone who wants these fixes and or the model fixes where they dynamics are based on REAL World specifications (From Airbus and Boeing) i can be reached via FlightSimX Company Gaming Group / VNASA (my own group to teach and help all modeling) http://www.mrcats21fsimx.ning.com (website) or TEAMSPEAK at ts42.gameservers.com :9111


My thanks for your attention:


I personally have boycotted the use of Project Opensky material until they pull their heads out of their butts and get on the stick to fix and test their birds better... because i am tired of having crappy quality for my hobby and we as enthusiasts, who DELVE in the freeware market DESERVE BETTER... People who are really good at this, should teach the ones who don't and maybe this might go someplace...



As MSFS2020 is a WHOLE NEW BALLGAME and we as developers. (pro/semi-pro/amateurs) better buckle down and get with the program or be left behind.




MM/FA N.A Miller, USN Ret.

VNASA / FlightSimX Company Gaming Group.

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Well, you do know that Project Opensky and Project Airbus groups have gone by the wayside many years back. Personally, I still fly with quite a few of the Project Opensky/Airbus aircraft, and have had very few problems with them, especially when it came to the 737 series and the baby Buses. I think (and please correctly me if I'm wrong) the some of the people who were with Project Opensky had now gone to TDS, which you see that have made quite a few of the 737 and 757, and even the 787's. Many of the Project Opensky/Airbus aircraft were made for FS2004, and had to be modded to fly well with even FSX. So, I really hope you are not trying to fly these models on FS2020, you going to be heavily disappointed in them.
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Well 'NathanielM', I have been using aircraft from both Posky and PA for years, and have never had the issues you mention. In fact, I would say that these two freeware developers, as well as many others like Manfred Jahn, Milton Shupe, etc have kept me in the hobby. Those of us who 'delve' into freeware actually don't deserve anything. We benefit from someone taking the time to create things and provide it to us free of charge.
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When I had my Sim, I used both POSKY 737-800s and PA Airbuses with none of the "problems" listed by the OP. Some of the better freeware developers along with M. Jahn and Milton Shupe plus plenty of others.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Freeware aircraft can present some real frustrations, for sure! I'm very appreciative of what the developers give us in the way of freeware aircraft, so I am not quick to judge them. For the most part, I can usually expect some issues when downloading freeware, but, I also can accept the issues as a challenge for me to figure out. Yes, sometimes, you get those aircraft that just flat out refuse to cooperate in making any corrections, but that too, is okay, move on to the next best alternative.


I just recently was trying to add an Airbus A340-300 to my collection, and had an issue with the auto spoilers not deploying when the wheels touched the runway! I tried many many freeware A340-300 downloads and there seemed to be a consistent issue/pattern with most all of them. This was very frustrating, as I have an Airbus A340-600 with 2 liveries and it performs flawlessly. I almost gave up on the -300 download not having spoilers, and decided to try one more download before washing my hands of the aircraft. Lo and behold, finally I found one that worked! I know most of these aircraft were acting up as a result of the way they were modeled, and I can understand that! Can I fix that? Not hardly, as I don't have the know how or the software it might take to make it right. What are my OPTIONS? Move on the another download or something else that might be looking for a new home!


Yes, the older I get, my patience level is not what it used to be. I really do appreciate the freeware aircraft I have been able to accumulate over the years. Yes, in most cases, they weren't "plug and play" that's for sure! Many required some tweaking, but not too bad! I will say, yes, I have had some head scratchers and have gritted my teeth, but I wasn't going to let them ruin my day. Too many others out there that just might be the ideal aircraft I am looking for!


I think developers are like artists, they all have their own ways of doing things which may or may not set right with another developer. But, that might be what makes developers to strive in making their products that much better? For me as an END USER, I am not going to be judgmental! Yes, I might comment on the download, not to judge the developer, but merely to help some other simmer with item(s) I found and what I might have done to make them better, but I am surely not going to lash out at the developer!


I wish the OP well in getting some satisfaction in the items he has presented in his post. We, however as end users, might nod our head in agreement with some items, but, we surely have to remain neutral in any criticisms of developers! I, for one, appreciate the time and effort that the developers spend in providing us with additional flight simming aircraft/scenery for our enjoyment! Had it not been for freeware, I could ill afford the collection of aircraft that I have accumulated over the years!


Thank you freeware developers, your efforts are very much appreciated by us!


Rick :cool:

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As mentioned, Project Open Sky, and PA flew the coop long ago. I too have D/L'd numerous aircraft from both sites. Sure, they may not be the finest visual models, or have the greatest flight dynamics. But I think it's really not cool to to nitpick or complain about freeware in general: The operative word is "free". I also D/L many CamSim offerings - not the greatest visually looking aircraft around. But they have some other features that make them interesting.


I also have spent a small fortune on payware over the past 6 or 7 years to get quality products. I guess that actually might give me a right to nitpick if I so choose to do so? Compesh?

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