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Funny you'd post that one today, Derby Eve. Here in Kentucky every year since airplanes became popular, all the local airfields are usually filled up with thousands of GA aircraft flying in for the Kentucky Derby. Then hundreds of those planes leave on Saturday afternoon as soon as possible after the Derby finish.


Those of us involved in GA here always get tickled by the post Derby pecking order among GA aircraft. If you flew in with a 707, 727, Citation, etc. that was considered cool. But that didn't get you any real admiration among your peers in GA.


After the race the most wished for aircraft, regardless of size or brand, is the first GA aircraft to get an IFR clearance out of Louisville! If I arrived in a Mooney and got an earlier post race departure clearance than your Citation or 727, I became the Top Dog that afternoon!! ;):p


Sadly tomorrow the Derby will be run months late and without fans!! So we don't have nearly the excitement much less full aircraft parking areas of normal years. But we're already hoping for it to more normal next year!



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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Ah, just run over him :o

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