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A Whole Different Animal! FFT 1039 Buffalo - Orlando


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I mentioned in my last few posts that I was using a program called "A Pilot's Life" and I has "hired" by Allegiant. Well while flying to new airports was interesting, flying into small airports with no available scenery updates got old quick, so I moved onto Frontier. I've knocked out a few flights with Frontier so far, including one last weekend where I finally took the plunge and flew on VATSIM. This evenings flight was a late afternoon departure from Buffalo with a sunset arrival into Orlando.




Pushback complete in the Grizwald the Bear a320




Taxiing to runway 23 as a United Express ERJ touches down after a flight from Newark




Climbing out of Buffalo with the trees already turning to their fall colors




Flying over Pennsylvania as we level at our cruise altitude of 34,000




Beginning our descent into Orlando




Continuing our descent on the CWRLD4 arrival




On final for 18R. The KMCO scenery I have crushes my performance so this wasn't a very fun approach




We made it!




Starting our long taxi. We probably should have landed on the other side considering where our gate is located tonight. Oh well




On time arrival for our passengers


I have a few more flights in and out of Orlando on my schedule, and I fly there all the time anyway, so I think I may upgrade the scenery. Thanks for viewing!

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I enjoy the Orlando/Sanford destination. Nice series!

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REX Worldwide Airports HD



ORBX Freeware Airports




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Thanks guys!


You'd better run! There's a bear on your tail! ;) Guess playing dead is not an option. -- Bob


He was there the whole time, but he didn't bother anyone so we left him alone.

Ryzen 5 3600X | RTX 2060 | 32 GB 3200 G.Skill RAM | 1TB Crucial P1 NVMe M.2 SSD
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Looks like a great route to fly. Nice set!

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