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  • 4 weeks later...

I have the same current problem.


With FSX running on the latest Windows 10, I have audio for the aircraft engines, flap extension, gear retraction, etc.; but, I have lost the voice for ATC or GCA. Also, I have no interface sounds such as the click you here when you make a selection.


The voice, etc., worked well last week and seems to have been lost following the last Windows update.


So far, a half dozen possible solutions have failed.


System uses speakers only.


All engine sounds sound great. All music played on the system works fine.


Any thoughts on what I might check next is appreciated.

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For years I've run FSX with pilot's voice number 3 and everything worked perfect. Then one day, all voices stopped.


After spending several hours trying many solutions, nothing worked. Then, this morning I switched to pilot voice 1 and the problem was solved. The voice response is back!


Why, I don't know. Go figure?!?!?!?


For the OP to this thread here are all the other solutions I found online and tried. None worked for me. Of all of these, maybe one will work for you.


-Made sure your sound driver is up to date.

-Made certain default communication was set to the default driver.

-Made certain the the Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Sounds/ATC folder still held the USEnglishBig.gvp file.

-Set the Voice volume to 100%.

-Open Control Panel/Sound/Communications, Choose the "Do Nothing" option.

-In Windows Sound and Audio devices, checked that Sound playback and Sound Rec under Audio use the default device (soundcard) and the same for Voice.


I don't now why the pilot voice change worked but I'm glad it did.


Hopefully one of these solutions will work for you.

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Another day went by and I lost the voices again.


I finally got the voice back and here's what worked.


Took a copy of an old fsx.cfg file and restored the numbers in {PrimaryDevice} section of the current fsx.cfg file to those old numbers. It worked!


How those numbers get changed I do not know.

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This thread is like a discussion with myself; but, I think I finally found an actual fix, but not a permanent solution.


The things noted above seemed to work; but, that was not really so.


After much trial and error, I found that the latest rendition of Windows 10 is resetting my sound every time I restart the computer.


Every time I restart the computer now do this:


-Right click Speaker Icon on Taskbar

-Open Volume Mixer

-Click on Speaker Icon

-On Advanced Tab click on Restore Defaults


Every time, after doing that, all works well.


Even if I reset all the sound settings this way with Windows set-up pages, on the next restart, it will have to be reset again with the Speaker Icon on the Taskbar. Every time, this works; but why it doesn't restart correctly, I have not figured out.


It is a fix, but not permanent solution.

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