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You might want to list the specs of the Area 51 computer you are looking at. I noticed the $1,699.00 one had an I7 processor at 3.3GHZ. You would get fairly medium results with it if you had payware quality scenery and aircraft.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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It depends on the real innards of the system.


I have a 3.30ghz 8 core processor and I get 50+ fps in FSX. Of course, trade offs are necessary, I will admit it. I'm not into traffic and all that, so I slide it down. I like road vehicles, so slide those up.


Otherwise, everything else full tilt boogy and it's awesome. :)



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HP Z820 Workstation Intel Xeon 3.30ghz 8 Core Processor 2TB Hard Drive 16 gig of Ram 1125 Power Supply and 2 Gig Nvidia Geforce GTX 970. (YIPPPIE!!!!!)

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I've always found Alien to be a bit expensive when it comes to "bang for the buck." You might want to take a look at some lesser known (but reputable) shops like CyberPower or iBuyPower and compare prices for similar configurations.



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