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Hi guys

I currently use a lovely blue style UIRES i found here i believe, I just wondered if there were any other variants floating around out there?

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What is a blue style UIRES? Are you talking about a "Splash Screen"?


It's the FSX menu screen bitmaps found in the Uires folder. Uires = User Interface Resources (I guess).

Mark Daniels (skywatcher12) has made over 120 themed variants for FS2004, search the library for "fs2004interface". There's just one for FSX in the library, FSX Metal GUI by Todd McCuistion.

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Hello pomak249,


As Tim wrote above the "Uires" folder contains all the GUI elements for the FlightSim interface, menus buttons and whatnot from the splashscreen onwards not the flightsim itself (Scenery or aircraft) as Jim posted above his modified splash screen image it is a file called "dlgsplash.bmp" in the Uires folder. There are only a small few FSX GUI Uires where the entire look of the FSX interface has been altered more significantly than a simple splashscreen bitmap swap, a couple come to mind "Sepia theme" changes the standard FSX Uires to an old sepia tone only changing the blue to light tan (Sepia) all buttons and shapes remained standard apart from colour. The other theme was a more modern take on the Blue theme which tried to make the GUI more inline with Win10 type OS GUI, it looked ok but some things were inoperable or replaced with pictorgraphs such as the images used when viewing the available weather themes and season selection images some selection buttons and the font were also changed.

I found a couple of GUI themes over at Flyawaysim, but for the sake of my sim stability I decided to remain with the stock FSX GUI Uires as they really don't add anything to the sim beyond the selection and setup screens, although I did replace my dlgsplash.bmp (splash screen image 800x600 pixels) with the fine image below. (Many thanks to its creator - Mauro Carini)


But you can always find/search many more splash screen images to choose in the FlightSim libraries or any other FS library site such as Flyawaysim, you can even create your own


Here's the FSX splash screen image I'm using.



Caveat: If you are going to experiment with the FSX GUI Uires, I would suggest making a safety backup of your "Uires" folder. If anything goes pear shaped, at least you can restore the original folder with all its contents.


Here's an example of the stock Sepia theme Uires basic layout for Free flight & Splash screen By Creator Christian Lambert - Flyawaysim


dlgsplash.jpg dlgstd.jpg


Here's the Modern Blue GUI Theme Uires "Free Flight screen" By Creator Jiri Soukup - Flyawaysim




And the Metal one mentioned by Tim above. Courtesy of Creator Todd McCuistion - Flightsim Library

I looks brutally metalized at first but you soon get used to the flashy brushed metal and checker plate modification. There are some really nice pictures in the download if you want to see the overall effect in the other setup screens before installation.



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Thanks jethrom its the Modern Blue by Jiri that i use and prefer. The splashscreen is the only let down i think so i may have a go at creating my own for sure.

i5 4690 (350mhz) with Arctic Cooler, 32GB Patriot Viper 1600mhz, ASUS Rock H97 performance MoBo, MSI Ventus XS OC 1660GTX 6GB, Windows10 64bit, 256GB and 500GB Crucial SSDs

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Hi pomak249,


Yes I agree, the Modern Blue splashscreen is not very inspiring, more like a blueprint engineering draft, I don't hate it though.

The GUI is nice I think, very readable and clean.

You could make your own splashscreen (dlgsplash.bmp) for sure, but it might pay you to search for "FSX splash screen" in the libraries around the various sim sites, there are many really nice ones available, some are contained in randomiser packages and some are simple swap small selection, or individual works of art, some just need the filename changed to dlgsplash.bmp and placed in the Uires folder as a direct overwrite or swap.


Cheers Jethro

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