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Found a New Toy - Northrop F-5A

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Just downloaded this, looking forward to flying this around!






So far, so good! Really snappy! Panel is a little different, different switches to go between GPS-NAV-ILS. I'll figure that out in short order, I hope! I'll keep everyone posted. I looked on this site for this aircraft. One I saw looked a little "Hokey!" This caught my eye, found it on the Simviation site. When I get a chance, I will find the file name and post it, that is, if the download lives up to my expectations! It looks and flies great so far!


Rick :cool:

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Awesome Rick! Looking forward to getting that myself! :pilot:

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Okay, I have been flying this aircraft and so far I have been very pleased with it. Anyone wanting to try for themselves here is where I found mine:


Simviation, do a search on Northrop YF 5-A You can verify the download, author is Phillippe Wallaert


File name Northrop_F5A.zip


Reason I had to provide more info for you, the second time I went in to find the file, by entering FSX > Miliitary, Northrop F-5A, I found everything but my download? By doing the search on the above, it will take you right to the download that I found!


Enjoy! Rick :cool:

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Jan - Is your download the update by Bob Chicilo? I tried that one, it had plenty of paints to go with it, but it ended up being extra work. Download came with an aircraft.cfg for FS9, but Bob provided one for FSX. I did make the replacement and when it came time to fly, the panel ended up only having a few gauges. I told myself, if I have to move one of my panels over to make this thing fly, I will try another download which I did. The download I ended up with, was by Phillipe Wallaert, known for his great panels, and this download ended up having a great panel. I'm glad yours worked out, I might have gone wrong somewhere?


Enjoy - Rick :cool:

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