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Woai help again


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I know, Here we go again................. Please help. I had a major issue with DELL. They had to make a New User Profile for me on my PC, they swore up and down nothing would go wrong, well it did. I lost ALL my AI planes, even Default. It's like I'm flying in a ghost land. It may be a simple fix, I have no clue. I have everything backed up I just can't figure out how to get them working. The WOAI Folder is still in Sim Objects & all files are there also. Does not make any sense that when I fly, there's nothing but me. I click on Aircraft View & don't see any AI anywhere. I fly for miles, nothing. So, I'm trying to use the WOAI Installer & that won't work. My question is............ Is there someone that would get on Team Viewer & Discord to help me figure this out. I have literally Hundreds of dollars & Hundreds of hours invested in my sim & it won't work correctly. I'm not good with computers, it took me forever to get this working right & Dell Screwed the Pooch for me. The picture I included is of the Installer, the Target pull down to switch from 2004 to FSX is grayed out & not available to use. Let me know if you can help. Thank you. P.S. The Profile the Copied to make the New Profile was Deleted By Dell. They can't roll anything back.


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I have checked my WOAI installer, and as you say it is greyed out, but

on mine, I can still click the arrow and it will give me the option as you

can see in the screenshots below to choose FS9 or FSX. You should also

be able to go for a manual install as in the last piccy.








If you are struggling to find you FS installs, you can use the Flight 1

registry repair tool, its at the following link, 4th entry down, might be

worth a try, I am on W10 64 bit, don't know if it makes a difference





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Thank you for your ideas & screen shots. The "Target" Pull down Arrow does not work, does not allow me to do anything with it. The issue is, that the WOAI files are still installed where I installed them, I just don't have ANY AI in my Sim at all. I was trying to get the World of AI Installer to work so I could try to Re-install at least one WOAI planes to see if it would sort out files that may be orphans. I really don't know what to do. Don't even know if that would work. Oh well, maybe another idea will come along. Thanks again
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Yes, all WOAI flight plans are in the scenery/world/scenery folder.


Sounds perplexing! AI sliders set correctly in your FSX settings?


Does this look like what you have in your FSX.cfg (numbers may not be the same!)










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Speaking of the FSX.cfg, your WOAI folder must be listed in the FSX.cfg [Main] section or FSX won't know it's installed - the entry should look something like:


If there isn't one, you'll to add one at the end of the SimObjectPaths list with your exact WOAI folder name.

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