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FS9 (MFS 2004) will not start


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After many years, I've decided to re-install FS9, so installed all four CDs leaving the fourth in the drive, rebooted, and clicked the shortcut icon. Nothing happens! I have a very high spec Windows 7 setup, and even reduced resolution to 1600 x 1200. I ran as administrator, but nothing! can anyone help please?


Regards Michael

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Thanks for the replies guys,

It's only when I installed the nocd patch, that I got the "do you want to run this program" so I clicked OK and got a message saying MRVC 70. dll was missing, so I installed that to System 32, and bingo I got FS9 to work!


I downloaded 5 Mig 29s, and only one would work (trialware), but was virtually useless . The others either didn't show up or crash the sim. The migs of several years ago all worked and were great, but now...


Anyway thanks for your help, but I have now un-installed FS9--regards Michael

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