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Installing ALT callouts to freeware airbus aircraft.

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Hey Guy's!

We have callouts for Boeing aircraft however, are their any airbus callouts online?:)


Hi flightquarters! I use the ALT callouts by Matt Smith. It says Boeing on the download info, but it is good for all aircraft. Just about every aircraft I have downloaded, I have complemented the download with the altitude callouts. You just have to be certain to choose Small jets or Large Jets (and don't let that fool you either, not limited to jets only!)




Enjoy, and, you will want this for just about every aircraft you have! Just make sure you follow the instructions, there is a Callouts folder that will go in your FSX sound folder and then the appropriate entries that will go in your panel.cfg folder:


gauge67=CALLOUT_SOUND!dsd_xml_sound3, 0,0,0,0, Sound\CALLOUT\Sound.ini

gauge68=CALLOUT_SmallJets!CALLOUT2500, 0,0,0,0

gauge69=CALLOUT_SmallJets!CALLOUT1000, 0,0,0,0

gauge70=CALLOUT_SmallJets!CALLOUT500, 0,0,0,0

gauge71=CALLOUT_SmallJets!CALLOUT100, 0,0,0,0

gauge72=CALLOUT_SmallJets!CALLOUT50, 0,0,0,0

gauge73=CALLOUT_SmallJets!CALLOUT40, 0,0,0,0

gauge74=CALLOUT_SmallJets!CALLOUT30, 0,0,0,0

gauge75=CALLOUT_SmallJets!CALLOUT20, 0,0,0,0

gauge76=CALLOUT_SmallJets!CALLOUT10, 0,0,0,0

gauge77=CALLOUT_SmallJets!CALLOUTMIN, 0,0,0,0

gauge78=CALLOUT_SmallJets!CALLOUTAPPMIN, 0,0,0,0


As you can see, the files say SmallJets, but I just copied and pasted these from my Beech D18 aircraft panel.cfg folder!


Rick :cool:

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Not sure if this callout occurs IRL with the aircraft not being in the correct landing configuration and with the thrustlevers at idle.

You're right, not when ditching the Hudson of course.

But IMO the "retard, retard, retard" should have sounded in the simulator when they tried to recreate the (IRL impossible) diversion to Teterboro.



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Just watched the various attempts etc and there are quite a few basic inaccuracies concerning cockpit actions, aircraft animations etc. Interestingly the RA callouts all stop at 20ft just before the retard callout in all cases. Most likely this was intentional.

Read the CVR transcript and the retard callout did occur before the ditching

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