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fsx doesnt do well on switching from sim to desktop very well


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using fsx steam on another computer as my fs2004 is on a win vista system and this sim is on a win7 system...


the fsx steam when minimizing or going to exit sim to do things or look up stuff will exit to desktop really well but won't go back into sim very well...


sometimes i exit the sim to google things up or to download files or stuff...


but cant seem to switch from sim to desktop easily without hearing dings and noises when back in sim...like currently atm im flying around bandd and i cant get back to where i have sound...its just quiet...how do i fix this...seeing as im an intermediate fs user i wonder if its the cfg i must change...


please help...this error has been sitting on the back burner for too long...btw i wasnt meaning i need help for this very flight as we speek, just for the next time i fly!!

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An answer forthcoming only if I get an acknowledgement for your taxi Milton's aircraft contact points question in the fs2004 forum!


OK, now that I see you are alive.....…always pause the Sim before going to windowed mode and minimizing. No sound? Press q key once or twice.

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Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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FSX doesn't play sounds when it's minimized, you need the payware Flight1 Soundstream program to fix it.


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