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G1000 PFD and MFD


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Hello fsx comunity,


I've read the Learning centre lesson and searched online for posts and watched YouTube videos, but the info on G1000 is between broken and basic. So I have some questions...


Is it possible to make a Flight Plan in G1000? There are a lot of tutorials mentioning "Direct to" function, but can you insert MORE WAYPOINTS? I found no info on that, if/how it is im/possible.


Also, I see only approach procedures in the Procedures, all the rest are greyed out. One YouTube stated that "it's greyed out right now, but you can use it if you wish". However from my experience, I'd say there are only (some) approaches and nothing else. I checked some and they seem to conform to the real wold ones. So am I doing something wrong or is that it (just approaches)?


Are there any community extensions to the G1000? I will not buy any commercial extensions now, when FS2020 is coming soon...


Finally, is there any way to allow mapping of some rotating knobs or other G1000 to joystick? I.e. large ring (moving in list) to Saitec's flight system endless little wheel, small wheel to the nearby up-down knob.


I'm not afraid of CFG, XML or else, if it takes to accomplish some tasks.

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There's a very good G1000 tutorial online here: http://krepelka.com/fsweb/learningcenter/navigation/usingtheg1000.htm


The freeware Scumari G1000 updates take some beating and can be downloaded from here: https://www.scumari.nl/www/index.php (In the Main Menu list, click on FSX, Panels, GARMIN G1000)

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I've not explored the default G1000 in the sim to any degree, but it, much as the Garmin 500, is no where near complete in its functionality, compared to the real ones. Tiger's link to the tutorial should help you find what functions are available.


Larry N.

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Křepelka's page (like all the other on his web) are the exact copy of the Learning Centre pages. In fact that is what I read, as it's way more convenient to read from a web site, than from the dumb tiny FSX window.


The second link looks like a great stuff to extend G1000.


Thank you very much for both links!


I'm still hungry to hear about other G1000 questions, if anyone knows the answer or can me point somewhere

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