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Resurrected This Bad Boy from my Backup! Lockheed Galaxy C5

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I definitely need to get one and flying around. Just got myself into a couple other things at the moment!


Looks great Rick!

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I just saw a 1 hour program about the C5 on the Smithsonian Channel and they mentioned that for every 1 hour of flight time 46 hours of maintenance was required. Lots of time and money to keep that big guy in the air!:p


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Thanks guy for all the nice comments. It is a marvel to see something this big fly as stable as it does!


Larry - I can believe the part about for every 1 hour flight time, takes 46 hours of maintenance. You would probably have several teams to do maintenance: electrical, structural, mechanical, avionics, hydraulics and the list probably goes on and on and on! It is a terrifically designed aircraft, but it does come at additional costs in keeping them flying!


Thanks - Rick :cool:

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