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runway circle approach

P Thompson

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Basically you fly either a left or right downwind approach and when a few miles past the end of the runway you make a circling turn for your approach to the runway. ATC will give you clearance to land when they see that you are far enough downwind. That's your clue to start to make your turn.

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A circling approach is a very specific type of instrument approach, where you follow the navaids down to a certain point (generally circling minimums), then do roughly as the Zipper describes, that is, fly downwind, base, or whatever it takes to get past the approach end of the other runway and make a decent visual approach -- there may be other restrictions such as keep on one side away from high terrain, etc. This is usually flown lower than a normal pattern altitude (usually at the "circling minimum" altitude on the approach plate) and requires that the runway be kept in sight at all times.


A circling approach is not authorized FROM ALL instrument approaches, or TO ALL runways, but for those for which it is authorized there are circling minimums, and sometimes other information, published on the plate.


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Approach RW01 - Circle to land left hand RW 27



use ILS RW01 to decend untill below the clouds.

When you can see the airport, turn right and do a left hand turn to land on RW27.

Do the turns in such a way that you keep the airport constantly in sight.


Like so.




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