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Zambia Airways fleet

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Hey all,


The new fleet is Zambia Airways. It had a nice livery and was worth painting.


Some info on the airline:


Zambia Airways was formed as a subsidiary of Central African Airways (CAA) in April 1964. When CAA collapsed in 1967, Zambia Airways became a fully Zambian owned carrier. In 1968, the fleet consisted of DHC2 Beavers, DC-3s, and two newly delivered BAC-111s from the defunct CAA. They flew on regional routes to Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, and Mauritius. Alitalia was also hired to provide support of the initiation of new international services. A Douglas DC-8-43 leased from Alitalia was used for the long-haul Lusaka to London flights, which were inaugurated in November 1968, via Nairobi and Rome. In 1970 Zambia Airways took delivery of 3 HS-748s, and in 1974 they received their first Boeing liner; the 707-343C. One year later the two BAC-111s were sold to Dan-Air. July 1976 saw the delivery of the carrier's first 737-200. Zambia Airways received their first wide-body DC-10-30 in July 1984. Zambia Airways did well financially over the years, but by the end of the 1980s and early 1990s, things were a bit more complicated. With financial difficulties facing Zambia Airways, it was forced into liquidation in December 1994.


The planes :




de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver [John L. Woodward]

3 Zambia DHC-2 Beaver.jpg

4 Zambia DHC-2 Beaver.jpg


Douglas DC-3 [Manfred Jahn]

2 Zambia DC-3.jpg

6 Zambia DC-3.jpg




Hawker Siddeley HS-748 1970 [Rick Piper]

4 Zambia HS-748 1970.jpg

5 Zambia HS-748 1970.jpg


Douglas DC-8-43 [JustFlight]

3 Zambia DC-8-43.jpg

4 Zambia DC-8-43.jpg


BAC-111-200 [David Maltby]

1 Zambia BAC-111 207AJ.jpg

8 Zambia BAC-111 207AJ.jpg




Hawker Siddeley HS-748 1980 [Rick Piper]

2 Zambia HS-748 1980.jpg

5 Zambia HS-748 1980.jpg


.......Continued below

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Hi Col,


Thanks very much,enjoy flying them. BTW my name happens to be Ted not Rick:)


As for my high standards, that's one thing I focus on when I try to do the repaints. It's my tribute to all the great classic airlines and airliners of the past that have flown the skies. It would be a great injustice if I just create some run of the mill repaints, some of which I downloaded in the past and quickly discarded them, before I started repainting myself. They were really not up to standard. This is the reason I took up the mantle and do what I'm doing.



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Ha Ha sorry Ted, I was reading a post just before yours by Rick and his name stuck in my mind lol.


Not sure if you have seen my repaints, probably not what you might like as I like to do fictional, I have done some real world as well, the reason I like fictional is there are lots and lots of real world so I like to do a change, something that isn't out there.

I put a post on here with a link to my paints have a look.



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Looking good. I guess my favorite would be the 707 :pilot:

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