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1930's civil flight simming?


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Although I'm not exactly new to flight simming, most of my experience was in MMOL WW2 sims many, many years ago, along with a little bodding around in Flight Gear and X-plane for good measure. But I've always had an interest in the civilian aircraft up to the 1940's. and my idea of a fun time in a civilian flight sim would be to try flying a HP42 from London down to South Africa, or a Ju52 across the Alps, between grass airfields, or maybe a Do X flying around the Baltic, navigating with paper maps and Mk1 eyeball. No modern sophisticated radar and automatic landing systems desired...


Is there a game which can reasonably easily provide this? Please note - I use Linux exclusively, Linux Mint being my OS of choice. I don't mind having to learn reasonably detailed engine control systems (I've far more experience with systems that just had throttle and propellor pitch available), and it could be nice having occasional mechanical failures to contend with, although not essential.


I look forward to your replies,


Thanks in advance!



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Welcome, Esme! HP42, eh? Just happened to have one in my back pocket. I'm flying FSX, which still works fine. There is also FSX-SE, sometimes on sale through Steam for $5, and then the more expensive P3D. A new flightsim may be available this next year but not sure what aircraft will be available.



Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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FSX doesn't run on Linux, and I don't think WINE is good enough to run it either. I suspect that either XPlane or FlightGear (it's free -- both ways -- under GNU and has Linux versions) will have to be your platform.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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Thank you for the welcome! That's a nice looking HP 42 model, Mr Zippy! However, as Lnuss points out, I doubt whether FSX would run sufficiently well via Wine. I've been aware of Flightgear and X-Plane for quite some years (as I remarked , I have briefly dabbled with them before some years ago), and I know that there are quite a few pllane models available for both, but the thing is that I'd prefer a 1930's world to fly over and with 1930's ATC if possible, and I have no idea of how to change scenery in FG or XP anyway. Yet.


So I was hoping that some of you experienced civilian flight sim folk might be able to spare me at least some of the pain of having to trawl the internet to try stuff of unknown worth etc by either pointing me in the right direction or otherwise telling me it isn';t possible and I'll just have to fly planes I like in modern scenery and ignore the ATC. Which is what I'll do if I have to, it'd just be nice flying the vintage planes over period terrains, if that's possibleto do without too much pain :-)

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