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Fred Olsen Airtransport fleet

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Hey Fellas,


I have just uploaded my latest fleet and it should be available soon.


This time it's Norwegian carrier, Fred Olsen Airtransport. Here is some info on the airline:


"The famous Norwegian shipping magnate; Fred Olsen, formed his new airline "Fred Olsen’s Flyselskap" in June 1946. It was a nonscheduled carrier, which offered aircraft leasing, passenger and cargo charters, calibration flights, and contract service flights. They started with DC-3s and in 1958 five C-46s joined the fleet. Also, many of the company’s services were undertaken under contract to SAS, the national carrier of the Scandinavian countries. Fred Olsen Lines was focused mainly on cargo flights, and in 1965 their fleet had three C-46s and one DC-6A/B. Two more DC-6s were added to the fleet during 1966-67, followed by a Convair CV-340 in 1968. In 1969 Fred Olsen Lines' emphasis was to offer executive passenger charter services with their new Falcon executive jets. However, this special service did not work for the company, and in 1972 Olsen sold the two Falcons to the Royal Norwegian Air Force. So, the focus was back to Cargo, and in 1974 The first of many L-188Cs joined the fleet. The 1970s and 1980s were quite good for the ailrine and by 1986 the emphasis was shifted entirely to cargo charters. In 1997 Fred Olsen's airline ceased operations.The reasons offered were the loss of maintenance contracts, and difficulties in making a profit in the Central European freight market."


They also had DC-6A/Bs in their fleet. I didn't do a paint on that as there is a nice one done by the late Frank Gonzalez, which you can find here on Flightsim.


Here are the planes:


Fred Olsen C-46 [L. Guzman]

1 Fred Olsen C-46.jpg


Fred Olsen Convair CV-340 [CalClassic]

4 Fred Olsen CV-340.jpg


Fred Olsen DC-3 [M.Jahn]

3 Fred Olsen DC-3.jpg


Fred Olsen L-188F [KBT]

8 Fred Olsen L-188.jpg


Fred Olsen Dc-4 [JBK]

5 Fred Olsen DC-4.jpg


Fred Olsen Viscount 700 [JBK]

2 Fred Olsen Viscount 779D.jpg


Luftfartsverket (Fred Olsen) HS-748 Srs2A [R. Piper]






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Great looking for sure. I need to check them out!

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