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You might want to look at this:



P3D has an EULA which limits access. Read it to find out if it's for you.


Performance is different and in some cases, better. But not if you have a crap computer - You need to be specific about which version of the sim you're looking at.

P3d v4 and above are 64-bit applications, and the latest version is P3D v4.5 Hotfix. Point releases are typically free, but new versions (i.e P3D v5) will have to be repurchased.

P3D is refundable for the first sixty days.

Support for P3D is more technically-orientated as it is not intended for the mass-consumer market.


If you don't know this already, or don't meet the EULA then assume P3D (any version) is NOT for you. It is NOT a sim game like FSX...

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Whatever license you are willing to pay for! I'm sure you will get a reply telling you to look and read the EULA to actually see what you are qualified to buy:rolleyes:

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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And to eliminate any further elaboration on the EULA I am shutting this down per our policy.



P3D Rig

I7 7700K @ 5.0ghz Asus Maximus X270 16G G.Skill 3600 15-15-15-18 2T EVGARTX2080ti Corsair 1000W PSU 1TB Samsung SSD for P3D - 2 - 256G OCZ Vector SSD - HAF X - Corsiar H100i V2 Liquid Cooler W10 64 Pro.

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