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Landing the 737-400 default


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Bondeno - Couple tips,


1) Use a joystick.

2) Assess your approach headings and altitude early and make adjustments accordingly. Be light on the controls and make small adjustments. When you get heavy on the controls you tend to "over-control" resulting in your, as you say, making many steep turns when nearing the runway.

3) Get in the habit of using checklists appropriate to the aircraft you are flying. Fly the approach using the recommended airspeed indicated on the checklist. Here is a site I use for many of my checklists:




4) PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!! You will get it, just takes some time!


Good luck and happy flying! Rick :cool:

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the default 737-400 is very bad flight dynamics wise. don't expect it to fly at all like a good plane. however the key is fuel loading, weight, and speed. as a certified VA 737 instructor flying the study level 737s, hopefully these tips can help.


1. fuel: load the wings with fuel first.


2. Control: small movements are key to landing this plane. final approach should be between 140 to 145kts at flaps 30. this all changes with weight, but a good guess would be 140 to start. adjust from there.

controlling your descent with your thrust levers is much more useful than trying to use the yoke all the time. only use it for very large adjustments.


3. remember to not overthink it. with a little practice it will come to you. I suggest watching landings to get a feel for how the approach should look.


my last suggestion would be to find a decent addon 737. I use the Ifly 737 for FS2004 and it is the best out there. it is worth the price and having an FMC is very helpful

Happy flights

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Best advice i have for landing heavies is to plan far in advance. Do all your maneuvering while you have speed and altitude, whether a WWI Gotha bomber or a modern A380 these are not nimble aircraft, and the slower they're flying the more cumbersome they become. You should be "on the beam" as soon as you can intercept it, and if you're not perfectly lined up when you can clearly see the runway, power up and go around.
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