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A lost but not forgotten airliner!

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Beautiful Tristar Rick. I love the low light picture.


Best wishes.



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Thanks Larry and Bob!


Larry, Yes, the Northeast livery has been around a long time. When I posted this, I should have paid more attention to the title. I should have said,

"A lost, but not forgotten, jetliner!" which would have put the emphasis on the aircraft itself and not the airline Northeast! But, after hitting the submit button, you are only allowed to edit the text, but not the title! I will try better next time! :rolleyes:


Thanks Guys! - Rick :cool:

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I have to agree Rick. The L-1011 was just a fantastic machine. If it wasn't for the delays by Rolls Royce in delivering the engines to Lockheed, who knows the Tristar could have been bought by more airlines than the DC-10, as it was superior in many respects to the McDonnell Douglas competition.

Here's a link on an article about the two competing wide bodies:


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Thanks Ted, now I have reading material tonight! Yes, I always was curious about the 3 - aircraft lines all looking in one way or the other like they were somehow related! The L1011, the DC-10 and the MD-11. Let me read your article and maybe a lot of my questions will be answered!


Rick :cool:

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Looking good!

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I can remember British airways doing touch and go's at Manchester EGCC when they first got them.


Eventually got t work on them from time to time, I must admit they looked majestic somehow when taxing in/out, we sometimes got the RAF flying them in as troop carriers as well.

One incident I remember was all these soldiers picking up their kit bags and a lady RAF officer shouting orders at them, telling to them to shape up and get in line etc.

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