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FS 2004 - slow start-up and then won't load flights.


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Hi everyone,


After a good 12 years away from FS9 I'm back with a pretty powerful laptop playing the no-cd version. The last four months, or so, have been fantastic playing this great sim again.


Well...that was until last night, when I uninstalled the a payware Abacus Airbus 380 + Toulouse scenery. Now nothing works properly - FS2004 takes an eternity to load.

And then when I eventually get to the 'create a flight' screen - which now, mysteriously has the old Cessna-sitting-on-Seattle runway default flight - I get the dreaded spinning blue circle when I click on 'Fly now'...and then after a number of minutes it all crashes!


Now! I have to mention that my own original default flight was said Abacus Airbus 380 sitting on the runway at San Francisco. Clearly, uninstalling that aircraft has affected everything..? There was an error box appearing on start-up saying something about scenery and initial aircraft missing. I managed to get into the addon scenery files and delete the Abacus 380 scenery thinking this would make a difference, but no.



Help would be greatly appreciated - although I have to say I'm not particularly computer savvy, so go slowly please!


Thank you,



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Maybe also find & delete the FS9.cfg file.

The sim will rebuild a new one once restarted.


Shouldn't be necessary - Tom's solution is the correct one for when the default flight can't be loaded.


But if you ever go down the avenue of deleting and rebuilding the FS9.CFG file, it is best to take a backup copy first as all settings will return to default and there may be many sections worth copying across once up and running. It is such a customised file that it can take hours to reinstate all your settings manually on an advanced configuration.





My co-pilot's name is Sid and he's a star!

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In the fs9.cfg file is a line starting with:




and some stuff after the equals sign. Quit FS and remove all of that so it looks like the line above. Save and restart FS.


This assumes you did not delete the default Cessna from your Aircraft folder.



Gentlemen, apologies for the delay responding.


Thank you all very much for your advice - greatly appreciated. Tom, after a few attempts - following your advice - I got it all back up and running again. I also took the liberty of resetting the defaults which worked fine. I'm now spending time tinkering with my settings to get things back to the way they were.



Thanks again lads!




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