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Okay! Sorry, I couldn't help but to download this!

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##### Moderator(s), posted to the wrong forum. Please move to the screen shot forum #####


A B-17G, that was uploaded by A.F. Scrub. In my case, not having Acceleration loaded, I had to accept the download with the lack of aircraft glass. The only missing glass easily apparent, which is not a deal breaker for me, is the nose glass! It's still a very stable and nice aircraft to fly, and so far, no other issues!






An ILS approach into Charleston, SC, dusk setting which makes it enjoyable for flying as well as taking pics!


Rick :cool:

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Posted to the wrong forum
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Yes, Gerard, an A.F. Scrub aircraft, and he has the disclaimer in the details of the download, that in normal FSX, no acceleration, that the absence of glass will result. I knew that before downloading, so I had to check it out. Doesn't affect my impression of the download. It is a great flying download!


Thanks for commenting! Rick :cool:

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Looks great Rick!


Speaking of WWII, I had lunch with a friend today who is a crew chief on a C-130 for the Air National Guard. He told me they were painting up a current C-130 in colors etc. as if it were flying on D-Day. But more importantly, they are flying some WWII veterans to Normandy to celebrate the Anniversary this year!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!??


I've asked him to send me pictures of the plane with D-Day type markings. Even though it's a modern RW aircraft, I think people would enjoy seeing it on this site.



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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