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Flyable aircraft as AI question?


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Most times when you are looking for a certain aircraft to use as an AI you can find one with a search, but on the odd occasion all you can find is a flyable one.

I have used many flyable ones in the past, some fly OK as an AI some I have had to tweak to get them to fly properly.


On other occasions I have found a flyable that I want to use, I make a simple flight plan for it to fly from a -b just to test it, it shows up at the airfield, goes through the usual steps till it gets to push-back then it just sits there.

I have tweaked them to try to make them move but no chance, has anyone seen this and found the answer?



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I have tweaked them to try to make them move but no chance, has anyone seen this and found the answer?

Maybe you’ve already tried: sometimes exchanging the AIR-file with one from a “true AI” helps.

Beware: first make a separate aircraft folder for the AI, or it’ll become difficult or impossible to use as user plane.



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Yes I always remove the panel and sound, especially if it's a FS9 but I also do it on FSX ones as well, after all if it's going to be an AI why have a panel?


Like I said, I've tweaked a fair few but it's the odd ones that I'm asking about that just sit there, it isn't the airfield afcad either because I use an airfield that works.

As mentioned above, I've changed the air file too, I've done all the usual tricks I use for other flyables but it is certain ones, this is why I'm asking just in case someone else has found a fix.



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Hi Colin, have you tried Martin Gossman's AI Aircraft Editor? It will highlight any and all errors with an AI aircraft and even automatically fix missing [Radio] sections for you:


FS2004 (ACOF) - Misc.

FS2004/FSX/P3D AI Aircraft Editor.NET

[ Download | View ]


Name: aiae.zip

Size: 5,709,138 Date: 02-08-2019 Downloads: 413


FS2004/FSX/P3D AI Aircraft Editor.NET (AIAE.NET) allows easy validation and modification of your aircraft configuration files. It allows mass-updating of specific keys. It checks the [fltsim.x] sequences for correctness. You can re-number sections and format the aircraft.cfg file. AIAE.NET allows to change the wingspan size for FS2004 and for FSX and later aircraft. You can run a detailed validation on a selected aircraft or on all aircraft below a given root folder. The validation checks for missing and unused textures, models and air files, duplicate titles etc. You choose to see either an overview, detailed or error report. AIAE.NET features a model viewer (by courtesy of Arno Gerretsen), allowing you to see any selected model and texture. By Martin Gossmann.

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