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Princess juliana airport crj700 landing


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How do i lan at princiess juliana airport in crj700. When i am lined up the copilot says to cut throttle. Thats when i disengage the autopilot and start gliding to the runeay with a speed of 130 knots and 3000 ft altitude. I then usually land before the runway or the side. Anyone?





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I am using a keyboard for landing. I am flying the carribean landing mission. When approaching for landing the copilot says set flaps at 45. After setting flaps at 45 Degrees i hear a sound that appears to me like an alarm. Why does the alarm sound?
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Where is the source for Rule no.1 never land from a glide approach?


The glide approach was recommend in fsx demo copilot.


What is this fine manual?


I see your practice has not yet reached the Learning Center.

It should.


And no glide approach as recommended by real pilots: https://www.pprune.org/archive/index.php/t-216852.html

A glide approach is effectively an advanced approach for pilots who have mastered a power approach.

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