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Cold start - Kiruna, Sweden


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Man, I can feel the cold...... I would stay in the bar all winter....:o Very atmospheric cold pics my friend! :cool::cool::cool:


Ditto! Cold, me no like. -- Bob



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Jan - I've been around you long enough to know you would be in a bar no matter what the temp is outside. :D


Darren - thank you.


Aharon - The snow is part of the Orbx Kiruna Airport scenery.


Bob - What I told Jan go's for you as well. :D


Rick - Thank you much, appreciate it.


Gérard - thank you kindly.


Jim - grin and bear it you big baby. :rolleyes:


Larry - What is wrong with you guys, don't you have a heater or something, geez. ;) Thank you Larry. :)


Thanks again gents. :D

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Damnit Adam! Now I guess I'll have to buy some more ORBX scenery! And I don't even know where Kiruna is. :p Those are better snow piles than even Aharon shows.


Thankfully it's still on sale!!;)



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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I guess the grand Kahuna from Kiruna answered it for me. :mad: And since when are you so happy about anything other that splashing around it the water with your passengers somewhere. :mad:


Nice picture Jan. :D

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