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Scenery Issue


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After my computer locked up during a download of a 3rd party scenery, I cannot seem to get my scenery to display properly. It seems at every airport (some third party airports are ok), there seems to be an issue with I suppose is elevation. All the runways seem to be covered with ground scenery, trees are located on the tarmac and the aircraft wheels are "sunk" into the airports/tarmac. I don't know what to do to fix this issue short of doing a complete reinstall of FSX.
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Hi glw, if FSX was running when your PC locked up your Scenery.cfg could have become corrupted.

There should be a back-up of your Scenery.cfg file in:


Copy and paste this one over the one currently in your main FSX folder, and you should be back to normal.

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Unfortunately, there is no backup in that directory. I was trying to fix this issue myself and ended up somehow corrupted the file. there were many other backups in that directory from other scenery that I installed so I renamed them and tried, all failed. I have also modified one of my airports using Design Editor, didn't make any difference, ground cover still covers airport runways. any other ideas?
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It's the other way around. The backup is in the main fsx folder. (that's the original scenery.cfg file, with on addon airports in it.)


The scenery.cfg file that fsx uses when running is in C:/program data/microsoft/fsx

(that file in that location may be the problem.)


although it sounds like the problem is with mesh. Maybe because of your failed install. (I assume when you said "download" you actually meant "install". )

Maybe you should say what addon you were trying to install. And what you did when it seemed to fail.

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My Scenery.cfg that the sim uses is located in C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\FSX.

Quite a few back-ups in that folder, too.


The original one, that the sim used to install the copy into C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\FSX, which all add-ons and so forth are added to, is located in the root FSX folder. That one remains inviolate. Even if I need to copy it to the folder the used one is in, to fix a problem, I make a copy of it, then copy-n-paste the copy to the location stated. The most that I ever do to the one in the root FSX folder is make a copy of it.

I even set it to Read-Only. It's safe as I can make it :)


All this is for an FSX:SE installation, if it matters...

Good luck!



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The problem is that your terrain config file has been damaged somehow. You will need to replace it that should fix the problems. If you have a backup copy use that if not then ORBX may be able to supply you with a clean or standard version. If they cannot help PM me here and I will send you a replacement copy.
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