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Plane casts no ground shadow ?


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OK Rick, here we go. Both the following pics were taken within minutes of each other. It's the second Voodoo that I have installed by Bob Chicilo, that's failing to cast a shadow. As you can see in my bottom pic, with Bob's Voodoo installed, no shadow. The first pic with Mr. Henk Schuitemaker Voodoo is OK.










No Shadow.





Happiness is FSX Steam and Windows 7 . :)
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So sorry, Jim, I wasn't paying attention to the opening of THIS post, no shadow with the Bob Chicilo download. I kept going back to your new download pics and video and I was seeing shadows, but, that aircraft is okay!


I agree with Col above thinking it might be part of the model. If that's the case, accept it for what it is or delete it and go on to enjoying the newer download. JMHO !!


Rick :cool:

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