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I have a form of color blindness, it's like a green red color blindness, but I can see the difference between green and red unless it's at a certain aptitude. LEDs can be a PITA. But that plane looks orangeish red. Not as red as a life saver, but a little more red than a pumpkin.
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Satisfied now? Huh! :mad: It's how the plane is lighted! OK! In JK's last pic it's orange. OK. But in his first pics it's RED. VERY red. The most red I've ever seen. What a red! Extraordinary red! And that's how it is! The first one who denies it can see his own red nose!
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But in fact, it's not exactly the same red than the one in the other thread? (where I answer it was red by both ends, but not in the middle) :):)
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