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Freeware download, rudder and ailerons moving in opposite directions of the way they


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I downloaded an McDonnell Douglas F4, updated by Bob Chicilo. From an external view, ailerons and rudder moves in opposite directions they were intended to move. Elevator and nose wheel both move fine! Is there anything that can be modified to correct this? Aircraft does fly properly, it's just very annoying to know this flaw exists!


Aircraft was downloaded from this site's library, file f4-vmfa531upx.zip


Bob Chicilo is aware of this flaw, and even discloses it in his aircraft's Readme file.


Any help in pointing us in the right direction of what can or cannot be changed would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks - Rick :cool:

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Thanks Charlie, Jim also was disturbed by it. It does fly well, and I don't plan on crawling outside to see what the ailerons and rudder are doing or not doing! I thought maybe someone else might have come across this and knew what could or could not be done!


Thanks Charlie! Rick :cool:

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