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Norwegian Air Returning to Caribbean For Winter Routes


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Shalom and greetings all my pals,


Presenting Norwegian Air's approach and landing to runway 10 of Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport located in Le Lamentin the suburb of the capital city Fort-de-France of Guadeloupe.


Descending to 3,000 ft with nice background view of the island of Guadeloupe




Check out wing view of beauty of sunrise and the island




Now at 2,000 ft getting ready for final approach and landing






On final runway approach






Seconds before touchdown










Getting ready to exit from runway




Thank you for viewing! Stay tuned for next exciting flight.






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Aharon - Very nice presentation! That livery is something to behold. The time it must have taken just to get all the messages/information on there!

I just wonder, who is the target for this information. People staring out the terminal gate windows? People on the ground that see this nice looking bird taking off or landing will only have just seconds to read what they can while it goes by them! Either way, I do like the thought! A pic like the last one above would make good advertising on the page of a travel magazine. No matter what and who Norwegian wanted to benefit from this livery, I like it!

Thanks for sharing Aharon!


Rick :cool:

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