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IFR RNAV question


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I use KEKA Murray Field as my USA west coast base flying the Quest Kodiak (wonderful airplane). Its a great ORBX airport and scenery to visit dozens of airports in and around the rockies area, and to venture further north.

My question is....

I've never quite understood the correct procedure using the RNAV RWY12 approach.

In FSX there is no Tower communication so I'd like to know if the hold at SCUPY (IF/IAF) is required when arriving from the FOT VOR.

If so, how many circuits of the hold is normal before heading to the runway via the WAVLI (FAF).

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The best answer is- it depends.


Looking at the current plate (which may or may not represent what you see in the sim)-


If approaching from TRIAL NoPT required.


That does not insure that the Approach controller will never put you in the hold, for other traffic separation for example.


Arriving from FOT, I would expect at least one lap to get you turned in the correct direction.


How many circuits? It depends. If you are cleared to the hold at 8000' you would need some time to lose altitude.


Lastly, this would all be under control of the Approach controller, you would not be cleared to the Tower or CTAF until on final.


In the sim, do what you want.



the Bean

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In FSX there is no Tower communication

Being IFR you'll still be talking to ATC, even when there's no tower. They'll still tell you whether to hold or not. Once you're cleared for the approach it's essentially the same as if there were a tower except that you will switch to the field advisory frequency and have to find another way to close your flight plan (though that's not usually a problem in the sim), in the real world either by phone or, if you're close enough, by talking to another ATC facility or to Flight Service.


As Bean says, in the sim do as you wish, but you still talk to ATC until cleared for the approach IRL (and probably the sim, too).


Note in the profile view, the piece that looks like:





It tells you that the holding pattern, if used, must be flown no higher than 8000 ft and no lower than 3000 feet MSL. At the FAF (Final Approach Fix) called WAVLI the:




Says to cross WAVLI at or above 1600 MSL.


You'll want to read the various pieces of text, too, as they give required info for the real world use, and it may help you in the sim, if the approach hasn't changed much in the last dozen years or so (since FS was new).


Note in particular the part that says: Final approach course offset 5.06°

and note that the magnetic north pole has shifted quite a bit since FS was new (many runways IRL have been renamed/renumbered), so the mag headings in the sim might be a little different from those shown on the approach plate.


Larry N.

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Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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note that the magnetic north pole has shifted quite a bit since FS was new....


Does this vary back and forth or at a constant upward pace? Like in one decade it could be 14.4° and another decade it might be 14.7°, and then perhaps it could go down to 13.8° ?

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