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Snowing in summer when using real weather updated every 15 minutes


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I Live in southern UK and fly out of a nearby airfield . I have always used real weather updated every 15 minutes from the net

Now, we are still pretty much in the throws of summer here so you can imagine my surprise when it suddenly starts snowing in my flight and I fly over snow covered ground!

Obviously something isn't quite right here

last time I looked out of my window - its warm and sunny

Any help please

Kind Regards

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The in-sim weather updated every 16 minutes has been stuck with the last weather info for a long time. For the Northern hemisphere, it is in a winter mode. For correct weather in your area you will have to move on to an outside program to provide your weather.


The severs are no longer updating the information.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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I just tried FS real weather and it's not March any more! The built-in real weather seems to be back again - for now...

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I just tried FS real weather and it's not March any more! The built-in real weather seems to be back again - for now...


:cool: Thanks for the update.


Before everyone gets excited, this has been normal for many years. We don't know how long the server will stay updated. It might be a month or more, it might be a week, it might be for this weekend. :rolleyes:


So, plan ahead. :)


You can save flights with full, world-wide weather and "harvest" that weather later if the server goes into hibernation again. Just save that flight with a name you'll recognize (let's call this one October). I also save a flight as my start-up that's called Current.


If the server's down again next year or even next spring, I can add the world-wide weather for October easily to my start up flight. I just go into my "Pilot's" folder and find the three files named Current. From there, I can copy the one file named October.wx out to my desktop and rename it Current.wx and copy it back so it over writes the weather in my start up flight. :pilot:

This sounds complicated, but its the fastest and easiest way to update flight weather.


While this route isn't perfect, its good enough if the server goes down again. :cool: You can also combine FS Real Weather with local settings (at least in FS2002) to make changes to however many airports you want along a route. I can load my flight (pre-saved with Real Weather) then edit the local weather at my airport, my destination airport, and some points along the way, then resave the flight.

All I need to do is load the flight then set the local weather manually, hop to my destination using the Go To menu, set its weather, then hop over to some other points along the route and set their weather. Once I re-save the flight, those stations will stay updated with the edits I made. :D


So, use Real Weather if its working to get the world-wide weather. Save those flights monthly or weekly as long as the server stays updated. Recycle those flights next year if the server is down, make manual changes at your airports of interest, rename the .wx files to your default flight as needed.

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