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Use two, not just one runway


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Where you have an airport with two parallel runways is it possible to make the incoming flights use both runways? I made flight plans for three aircraft to arrive within minutes of each other but the second aircraft got the "go around" instruction.
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I've often noticed that in Ray Smith's sceneries for FSX, he offers two BGL's. One with crosswind activated runways and another normal. The crosswind activated runways enable the use of both runways.


I'm not sure about the technicality behind, but I guess you could load one of his airports in ADE and check.

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There are prerequisites that FS uses on choosing a runway pertaining to parallel runways. But I don't know what they are. At Vegas I've seen aircraft land and take off on different runways, but that may be do to the STAR method used in the AFCAD. Albeit, at my Area-51 project in FS2004 I didn't use the STAR method and I had some aircraft use runway 30R I think it was where's most aircraft used 30. So there are certain things FS uses. Maybe weight of the aircraft for one.


To insure all runways are utilized, the airport would have to be redone using the STAR method. And I have no idea on how to do that. It involves math and placing ice runways in the north or south pole.

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Of course you can. That is the default arrangement - if that isn't occurring then you are using a revised AFD file with certain runways marked as closed to landing or takeoff. You can easily modify that with AFX or ADE and open up the runways.


By default FS will direct arrivals to the nearest open runway of the two. It will also choose the enearest to the gate fo0r departures.


This is subject to the wind suiting the parallel runways of course. If the wind suits best it will use a single runway in preference (unless you close that off, of course). There is lots that you can manipulate using or not using the ability to close to traffic but some designers go too far and make them unrealistic or impractical.





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Parallel runways will both be used in FS under certain conditions.


FS uses a scoring system to determine which runway an incoming flight will land on. Things like available instrument approaches, length, etc. are used in the scoring.


The Star method and crosswind techniques are used to fool FS into thinking that non-parallel runways are parallel so FS will use more than one non-parallel runway. They have nothing to do with parallel runway ops.


Assuming that two parallel runways are scored equally (easiest done in VMC conditions), incoming traffic will land on the closest runway.


So, lets say you have 9L/27R and 9R/27L, winds are from the west and above a certain value (8 knots IIRC). Traffic coming from south of the airport will use 27L and traffic from the north will use 27R.



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