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"Addon Scenery" Folder...Where To Place?


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Hello: I have noticed that some addon sceneries that I have downloaded recommend creating a separate Addon Scenery folder, "out of the main P3d root folder tree"...So, is this a good idea and, if so, what should I do with the Addon Scenery folder in the main P3d root? Should I have both of them activated in the Scenery Library? Thanks a lot!
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First question is why do you need an Addon Scenery folder? It's not the right place for addon sceneries that are properly designed for P3Dv4.x and later.


That being said, satisfactory answer to that question is "...anywhere YOU want." There is no need or obligation to have that folder anywhere inside the P3D file structure, although that was the recommended location in earlier versions of P3D (why are people too lazy to name the full version of the sim?).


On my system (P3Dv4.3) I don't even have it on the same drive. Just make sure the reference contained in the scenery .cfg folder or the DLL.xml as specified by L-M, which should ALWAYS be the first point of reference. This is the same rule I used for FSX, where the sim was installed on a low-capacity drive, and I wanted all addons installed elsewhere.





Mostly, the recommendation for `Addon Scenery` addons implies improperly configured or inappropriate scenery intended for an earlier sim variant - so if something specifically suggests that location I would avoid using it in the first place in P3Dv4 ! An example of this can be any of several sceneries that have a P3D installer but want to suggest the addon in Addon Scenery within P3Dv4.


And yes that includes any ORBX/FTX sceneries, where the developers are too lazy to develop a compliant installation system now their old system has been outmoded, intended for P3Dv1-3. I do however make an exception for them in P3Dv4 ONLY because dumping all their files that overwrite defaults is a matter of a few minutes work, thanks to the revised Lockheed-Martin installation system.

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