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Connellan Airways

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Hi Jan, thanks for the beautiful pics. BTW your links at the bottom dont work anymore?!

(FS painter at the Hangar.

you'll find all my repaints here.)

happy landings! Christian:pilot:

Intel i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHZ, 4 Kerne, 16 GB

MSI RX 480; M. SATA WD 500 GB;

WD RED PRO 2TB Win 10, 64 bit; FSX Gold Acc.

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Beech 18, by Carenado, indeed.

The Lockheed L-10 is very similar:



Thanks Jan for the clarification! Looking at your pic of the Lockheed, you can see the difference from the windscreen forward! But, from a distance, they are very, very similiar for sure!


Rick :cool:

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