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Imported Aircraft Issue


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I recently purchased the Wilco Legacy (bizjet). Since I have lots of hardware and tons of FSUPIC/LUA programming hours on my LJ45, I decided to do something a bit unconventional. I am going to use the LJ45 .air file and airplane.cfg (for the most part I will explain) and only import the texture and model directories for the Legacy (because they are very nicely done IMHO). I kept my Lear airplane.cfg all except for the using Wilco lights so they would be viewed correctly on the 3D visual. Here is where I ran into trouble. The Legacy was several feet above the runway! I realized, I needed to omit the LJ45 contact points and use the wilco contact points. This corrected the problem except, when I first start a flight with the modified Wilco (or LJ45 depending on how you look at it) bizjet, the plane slams down onto the runway. I have tried resaving the flight, switching aircrafts and coming back to the wilco but it always happens. It is like it starts out up in the air (though I can't see this) and then drops onto the runway. Can anyone help me fix this issue?


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It is like it starts out up in the air (though I can't see this) and then drops onto the runway. Can anyone help me fix this issue?

Have you tried not using your saved flight, but instead gone back to the default, default flight? The trike over Friday Harbor?

Easy to do, in your FSX.cfg file.

Make a backup of it first. Open it with Notepad. Never any word processor.

Search down through it for the heading [uSERINTERFACE] .

Under that, search out the line SITUATION= .

What comes after the equals sign (=) doesn't matter. Delete anything after the equals sign.

Save the file off, and start FSX. You should be back to the default flight. Once the sim is totally loaded up, you can switch to your airplane in the Free Flight menu, and select Fly Now.

Once it totally loads in, with your plane sitting quietly on the end of the runway, you can save the flight off, and set it as default, if you desire.

Your plane should no longer fall down on entry to the world.


Might be worth a try.



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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The "new" plane is flyable and works quite well. My LJ45 flew quite well as does the "new" plane. Theoretically the only difference should be the 3D model with the new plane. All the flight dynamics should be per the LJ45.


Pat, thank you for your helpful suggestion regarding the FSX.cfg file. I will try that and report.


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The BizJet slams down because the cnt points are 34 feet away from where should be. And I am afraid that your lights will also be 34 feet off. And also the balance and thus the handling. You have opened a can of worms. Big Ones (hehe).

Chuck B


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