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Do I Need Texture Enhancements With Ver 4.2?


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Starting from scratch: ORBX

They are in league with Lockheed-Martin


From there it's easy to do your own research for your own needs.

In any event you start with FTX Global Base and the FTX library files. From there you can add FTX Global OpenLC as you need and specific regions and areas to suit. Also look at FTX Global Vector.


Don't forget you WILL need a weather engine - there is none in P3D and the lighting and shadowing needs a good weather engine. Seeing clouds scud across the sky and flying into and out of shadows is one of the experiences of P3D.


Finally, note that P3Dv4.3 is due this month. A free upgrade, you will need to ensure you understand the upgrade process before you rush into it. Visit the official forum and pick up some useful tips. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/

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I good place to start would be with OrbX Global and Vector as they really make a big difference in the default terrain world wide.


Regarding a good mesh, I used to use Pilots Global Mesh but removed it as it was causing elevation issues with some airports (even when flattening) and is not supported by OrbX even though Pilots claim that it is.




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I think you also should consider a good terrain mesh. Many people use the paid Pilot's mesh....some are using Freeware Mesh. Here is the link






If you only fly in the main parts of the USA or Europe I would query the benefit of Mesh - It's likely only a LOD or two above the default, and it does have a substantial effect on loading times (and possibly fps) for what amounts to a very modest gain in features away from mountainous regions.


For this reason don't spend any money until you've tried the benefit from FreeMesh.


If however, you fly outside these regions (Africa, Asia or Australia for example), then the gains can be quite major.


The ORBX localised regions contain their own mesh, so none needed there, and there's a free Aussie Mesh available from FTX Central...

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To get back to the question in the title, no, you don't NEED texture enhancements, but you'd probably enjoy them if you do as mentioned above and install the various pieces of ORBX. It enhances the "fantasy" of "realism" quite a bit, especially with the static aircraft, animated people, and a lot more that is included in the various regional areas (PNW et al).


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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